If your house is really a mess and a stranger comes to the door greet him with, “Who could have done this? We have no enemies…”
~ Phyllis Diller

My room is a mess, I’m sleeping on the floor and living out of one box and two luggages. The last week has been a little crazy – and it appears that the week ahead will be as well. This weekend, I could potentially have five boys staying in my house (flatmates and guests) – by next Monday I will probably become a boy too! With luck, some of the Practical Logic of Male Brains will invade my currently scattered frame of mind!

I can barely believe that I will soon be living and working in Auckland (one hour away by plane, which sounds like a mini change but doesn’t feel like one right now).

In between crazy times, life has been good. Beach time, coffee, spontaneous adventures and all…

I’ve been spoiling myself with the fun and fragrance of the gardens – the other day I went for a walk and sunbath with my dear friend Sally… (thereafter, she gave me my first real cycling lesson. Yes, I am in my twenties and have not ridden on a bike since I was 6, with training wheels! It was scary, but fun.)

Here is Sally! If you are over the age of 20 and want to learn how to ride a bike with minimal accidents and shame, she is the girl to call.

I have just discovered that Mojo here serves cortados (the coffee I grew to really enjoy in Spain) :-) – woo! Jono, John and I sat in the sun with our cups of coffee yesterday – cups sizes suitable for Goldilocks and the three bears, don’t you think?

Wellington, you are so beautiful in the Summer! I’ll miss you.

Lams and I went to Midnight Espresso the other day… I shall really miss being able to pop in often.

We enjoyed a very good breakfast – coffee and muesli for Lams, and a vege croissant and Dr Nix juice for me!

I love Midnight Espresso for its funkiness, their way of making food fun and tasty, and its wonderful menu which caters for different diets and levels of hunger.

Random concoctions have been reigning supreme in my kitchen – dubious, perhaps, but I like to have my fun and eat it too.

This is a salad composed of potato rings, zucchini, brazil nuts, mesclun, dried basil and mint, two poached eggs and a sprinkle of pepper. A very filling salad.

My current comfort meal is a hot cup of English Breakfast and peanut butter and chocolate chips on toast. I am eating this WAY too much. I eat it when I’m happy, when I’m sad, when I’m bored, when I’m gmail-chatting, when I’m dancing in my lounge.

Do I feel guilty about the fact that I am eating so much bread, peanut butter and chocolate? No.

Thanks for reading my messy post. I hope you have a wonderful day!

Mojo Coffee – Old Bank Arcade, Cnr Lambton Quay & Willis Street, Wellington – Phone: 04 473 2327 (multiple branches throughout Wellington)

Midnight Espresso – 178 Cuba Street, Wellington – Phone: 04 384 7014


2 responses to “Scattered

  1. I have a passion for coffee (not a secret) and loved your pictures! Congrats on the move and new adventure. That has to be exciting! I love the Phyllis Diller quote. I sparked an idea for a new post. I will have to link back to you when I get around to writing it!

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