The rule is, jam tomorrow and jam yesterday – but never jam today.
~ Lewis Carroll

There has been an informal ban on it in my kitchen for a year. Actually, since 24 December 2009

For more than a year now, my eyes have glared defiantly at every jam recipe; every conversation where someone said “oh, I made jam in the weekend and it was so easy!”

I still remember that first jam-making session. So good in the beginning; SOOOO disastrous at the end! All that burnt sugar! I could’ve knocked someone unconscious with it.

This morning, I read Mairi’s lovely post involving lemon curd which looked and sounded beyond beautiful – so I decided to conquer my fear of making anything remotely similar to jam.

I halved Mairi’s recipe (read: erring on the side of caution!). My lemon curd was not at all perfect, as you can tell in the photo above. It was not that dreamy shade of yellow, or lovely thick and creamy – still, I was very pleased with the taste (sweet and tart in just the right proportion – and oh-so-lemony!). I was also extremely thankful that it even REMOTELY resembled lemon curd – spreadable, and good with butter on bread. Thanks Mairi. And, I cannot wait to get GOOOD at making jam/curd!

Time for bed now, full day out today in the warm glow of Mr Golden Sun! Auckland has been having the most temperamental skies lately (not bad in comparison to some other parts in the country – but pretty crazy for Auckland, or at least what little I have experienced of it so far). From a brief dash of snow to a positive blast to warm sun in a week! Sleep well, my lovelies.


6 responses to “Jam

  1. Jam is easy, but it’s also time consuming and if you mess it up you’ve lost a lot of fruit. Still you can’t beat homemade. This curd looks fantastic.

  2. Reminds me of kaya…but mmm, looks sooo good with butter.

    Loving the food posts, as usual! Me miss Mellypoos!

  3. my friend makes a wicked lemon curd, i used it in a tart recently, i love it

  4. I think your lemon curd looks quite delicious!

  5. I see you are also a member of the NZ Food Bloggers Association…so hopefully you are coming along to our conference in November :)

  6. Greg – agree on your thoughts! Luckily, my parents make good jam so we as a family don’t waste too much fruit in the grand scheme of things.

    Paul – I miss you too! Look forward to our next catch up, wherever it may be… eat kaya for me.

    Satch – mmm lemon curd on tart, that’s an idea…

    Mairi – thank you, I shall aim to get mine looking more like the curd on your blog next time! Yes if I am not overseas on a trip in Nov (just awaiting some details) – I will most certainly love to come along to conference!

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