Auckland on a busy day?

Not like you don’t know why, right?

Photos taken on Friday:

And this, readers, is a cake a colleague made for a Rugby World Cup-themed bake-off… it sure made me gasp when I saw it! Its taste did not disappoint, either. Dense chocolate cake, sweet coconut grass field icing, and very yummy players (chocolate cones with marshmallows) :-)

This was just one of several very delicious items that graced the table, including mini rugby ball truffles, miniature ‘beers’ (orange jelly topped with whipped cream in plastic shot glasses), gluten-free orange cake, and my favourite – a beautiful cake with banana slices and citrus icing… and you know, we have talented bakers at work of both sexes and that is just so cool.

In other New Zealand news, M and I saw a man walking two dogs and a sheep in Newmarket today. Yes, you read that right – he had a sheep on a leash, trotting along next to the dogs… only in New Zealand, uh?

I was too stunned to take a picture, and then it was too late – the lights changed and we had to drive on.


4 responses to “Auckland on a busy day?

  1. Ha, ha, ha. A sheep on a leash. Katherine saw a guy walking a huge dog in California once and said he looks like a wolf. The guy said he is. Katherine jumped off the curb. Not nearly as funny, but her reaction was priceless. This cake is awesome. Love all the photos of the waterfront too.

  2. Why is it that all this is happening after I leave? Wish I could come home right now!

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